Fashion Design Models


Before any bulk production commences a pre-production sample garment is made by our team.
This is made as part of research and development of production. It is a great opportunity for both parties to learn about the style, its construction, machine requirement and processes to be used. By making this, both our customers and our production team learn what difficulties (if any) may be faced at the time of bulk production.
This can be delivered to any location for our customers to review and approve.

Pin Cushion


We are a CMT (Cut, Make, Trim) service manufacturer and require specifications, tech packs, fabrics, patterns and stitching requirements and others from our clients before production.

Cut: Fabric is cut depending on the pattern and grading supplied.

Make: After cutting the fabric, we will move onto the next stage - making the garments. 

Trim: This final stage involves conducting a thorough quality check of the garment before delivery to our customers.

Sewing Machine


With a fully equipped factory, we also offer services which include:

  • Block fusing fabric

  • Fabric cutting

  • Pick stitching

  • Buttonhole

  • Minor garment alterations